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Beating fear

After spending a lovely week in Melbourne, catching up with friends, doing a little work, hanging around, it was time for me to head home. Not directly, of course, but another 3-day adventure ride! Our plan was to explore a … Continue reading

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First (3-day) adventure ride on my WR250R

The plan for this weekend’s ride was to ride some easy roads through the Victorian high country, this time on my small adventure bike (my WR250R). I was going to ride down by myself, then we’d ride together for a … Continue reading

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Preparing for the next trip: Bike & gear

After re-discovering how much I like adventure riding, the next step was to get my bike and gear set up much better. R and I had talked about how I could improve my skills and confidence. The initial plan was … Continue reading

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Victoria high country adventure ride

The back story There’s a bit of a back story to this ride, and it’s kind of important as context. Last year I fell off my motorbike – I was riding fire trails with friends, went over an erosion mound, … Continue reading

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