I’m continuing my attempt to do something new every day. Some days I make it, some I don’t. Sometimes they’re meaningful, sometimes not. Sometimes they may not be actually be new, but meaningful to me.

This week I:

  • Tuesday: went to speed dating (it was huge fun)
  • Wednesday: floated up into bakasana without any effort or stress (this has always been my most challenging yoga pose. I usually hear the name and my eyes tense and my brain starts screaming ‘OMG. You can’t do that. Crap.’ So this was significant.)
  • Wednesday: Listened to Röyksopp (new music for me – and it’s really cool)
  • Friday: walked through police carrying big, scary rifles (later discovered that it was an exercise, but it was odd at the time)
  • Saturday: went to Batemans Bay for lunch (yes, went there, ate, came home) with a friend.
  • Sunday: cooked a full roast chicken dinner even though I’m at home alone. There’s no reason not to cook what I love just because it’s just me.

And I exercised every day – yoga or cycling.



  1. I think that anything that is new each day is significant, in various ways. I like your blog. Thanks for starting/keeping/doing it.

    Cool that you like Royksopp, one of their tunes is an all time fave of mine 🙂

    • donna Reply

      Thanks. And I just updated this – I hadn’t quite finished it before it posted itself 🙂

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