I made it home. Today I rode a lot of my favourite roads. New to me was the highway from Mudgee to Lithgow, but from there I took the Jenolan Caves Rd, Duckmaloi Rd, Shooters Hill, and Abercrombie. Stopped in Goulburn for a cup of tea with mum, then slabbed straight up the highway. I took some photos of the stunning views on the way, but I just can’t get any depth of field on my phone, and they all look like I’ve taken photos of grass next to the road.

I did get this last big thing near Oberon:

Big thing #17: The big trout

And here I am at home:


Tomorrow I’ll do some statistics and add daily maps to all the posts. For now I am doing nothing – my hands are still super-sore and even typing is hurting… But all these new muscles mean I can probably open jars 🙂

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