I had an entirely free day (yes, even in iso I usually had something scheduled). So I thought I’d make something for me.

This dress caught my eye, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like it – I don’t usually wear things this loose. I didn’t want to spend a day making a toile, but I didn’t want to make it in linen and hate it.

The Jo sewing pattern, from Seamwork
Jo, from Seamwork

Then I remembered I had some flannel that I was going to use for a kilt – I liked the idea of a short-sleeved dress in warm fabric. It would be good for our weird spring days that are cold and warm all at once. I could put leggings or a long top under.

I printed it out and stuck it together:

Assembling the pattern

Cut it out, like a tesselating master. 2.5m required? Naaa – I did it in 1.9m (I just swivelled the yoke, which is how I’d lay it out even if it were a stripe).

Laying it out

I love the bit where it’s a cocoon of pieces, all ready to fly.

A pattern cocoon

Set up the machines, dusted them, gave them some oil (can you tell I love getting ready for a project).

Fewer than half of my machines

Gosh this thing is a beauty! Older than my mum!

My great-grandmother’s old Singer

And sewed.

Yes, I got out a different sewing machine for buttonholes
Sewing the collar

3 hours later, a dress. It doesn’t look much on the mannequin as it is just a big square.


It doesn’t even photograph very well on. But it looks good when it’s moving. And it feels really great. This will be a perfect at-home, work dress.

The best part of this photo is the cat in the background

Oh, yeah. Iso-news came in the middle of this – I can go more than 5km and can have more than 1 person over, and can go do gardening at kiddo’s house. Simple changes that make me happy. Retail re-opens in 2 weeks. Luckily I have a stash of fabric and yarn that will last A LOT longer anyway…


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