I finished this working week at 5ish today (which is late for a Friday) with an insanely high level of energy. Like, so high that sitting still is a bit of a challenge.

Of course, feeling this amazing made me wonder why – what was it that made me get to the end of the week feeling so amazing.

I think it was 2 things.

The first is, as it always is, people. I had a couple of days client work with lovely clients. Then on the days I was working at home I caught up with friends – breakfast Read on “On energy levels”

Yesterday I spent the day practicing something suggested in Personal development for smart people.

I’m paraphrasing without looking at the source, which I don’t necessarily like doing as he spent a long time explaining this idea, and I’m going to short cut the whole thing.

Anyway, the idea is to treat everyone as if you’ve already known them for a long time and already have a relationship with them – as if they are already someone you care about and are connected to.

Yesterday I was doing client meetings and travelling, so came in contact with lots of new Read on “When everyone is already your friend”