I was eating dinner tonight and again reading ‘Personal development for smart people’ and thought…maybe I should see if I can have a healthy conference week (this week is IA Summit, which for me is usually a not particularly healthy week – late nights, alcohol, not mindful food, a bit of gossiping etc etc).

Then I thought…no way am I going to make a public commitment to doing that. I might change my mind, or I might fail.

But what’s the point of trying to be a fantastic person if I shy away from making a commitment just because I Read on “Can I manage a physically and mentally healthy conference week?”

[originally posted to facebook on new years eve]

I’m writing my ‘new year resolution’ post a day early as tomorrow I’m off to an ashram for a week, with no tech, no phone, no internet (no booze, meat, chocolate, caffeine too – and believe it or not, I’m OK with that).

I also don’t usually worry about new year’s resolutions. I usually think it’s a meaningless date and I adjust my life as I go through the year.

But this year is different. I’ve had the most up and down year I can remember, and it feels meaningful to stop Read on “In 2011 I resolve to try less hard”