I had an entirely free day (yes, even in iso I usually had something scheduled). So I thought I’d make something for me.

This dress caught my eye, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like it – I don’t usually wear things this loose. I didn’t want to spend a day making a toile, but I didn’t want to make it in linen and hate it.

The Jo sewing pattern, from Seamwork
Jo, from Seamwork

Then I remembered I had some flannel that I was going to use for a kilt – I liked the idea of a short-sleeved dress in warm fabric. It would be Read on “End of iso dress”

I had a couple of weeks off over Christmas (actually, that’s not quite true – it’s my quiet periodĀ as well, so I have a fair amount of time, but on these 2 weeks I did no working-work). I had a bunch of projects that I wanted to start but an uncomfortable, unsettled feeling that was stopping me from getting stuck into it.

Usually for me this feeling is resolved by, instead of getting stuck in, stepping back and spending some timeĀ just fooling around and getting re-organised. So that’s what I did – mostly without as much intent as Read on “A new year: Cleaning up, setting up, restarting”