Today, instead of heading a lot further North, I did a loop ride, coming back to Caboolture. My motorcycle atlas listed 3 good rides, so I programmed the GPS to do them all 🙂

All the curvy roads!

I first went up the one marked #11 on the map. The second part of this runs along a ridge and apparently has one of the best views in this area. Well, you know, when it rains along a ridge, the valleys are just mist. So no views for me and no photos either.

That brought me out near one of the classic Australian big things:

Big thing #11: The big pineapple

I then went up the road to pop into the ginger factory and muse on the strange things Australians do as tourist activities (and get a gift for mum). I really should have taken a photo just because it’s crazy to build a whole tourist activity around ginger…

Then off to road #5. This started with drizzle, but after a couple of excellent corners to get across the mountain cleared up and was fine. I stopped for lunch, which involved sharing my salad with these fellas:

Is this a baby kookaburra, or a relation? (sorry, terrible photo)
A nosy magpie lark

Then some more riding through pretty farmland:

Farmland near Kenilworth

Then, unsurprisingly as I crossed the ridgeline again, it rained. I was almost going to abandon the last part of the loop, but it was clear by the time I started it. I’m glad I did because, although it was rainy in parts, going up the ridge and down were dry with fantastic corners.

Then back to Caboolture early enough to do some chores (like buy new motorcycle gloves and wash my clothes). Tomorrow I turn around and come home, inland this time. There are a few big things to pick up, though not as many as on the coast. But I love inland NSW towns much more than coastal towns, so am looking forward to staying some places I haven’t stayed before.

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