Tamworth woke up beautiful this morning!

I want to be a kid in Tamworth!

So beautiful that I went for a run to a Google-recommended cafe where I had a fabulous breakfast


Then went to the bike shop and had my loose chain tightened.

Next job of the day was to go to Tamworth’s major big thing:

Big thing #15: The big golden guitar

And then to the motorcycle museum,  which is tiny and looks closed, but is packed with old bikes in amazing condition. I was so busy juggling my free coffee & talking to the guide that I only took one photo:

All the shiny things

I got on the road around 11 & headed towards Gilgandra (I abandoned my Cobar plan as the logistics got too hard – I think an outback trip needs to be done separately and not in summer).  Most of the day looked like this:

Look – blue skies

I stopped in Coonabarabran for lunch & took a photo of the sky:

You can’t tell but this is me going OMG the sky is amazing

The run to Gilgandra got hotter the further west I went so I was glad to get there,  turn around & head back  east,  where it was only 32 in Mudgee. On the way I found another big thing in Dunedoo:

Big thing #16: The big swan

I’m close enough now that I could get home tomorrow.  Though I think there is a motorcycle museum at one of the wineries here so I’ll play it by ear & sort it out in the morning.

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