I was eating dinner tonight and again reading ‘Personal development for smart people’ and thought…maybe I should see if I can have a healthy conference week (this week is IA Summit, which for me is usually a not particularly healthy week – late nights, alcohol, not mindful food, a bit of gossiping etc etc).

Then I thought…no way am I going to make a public commitment to doing that. I might change my mind, or I might fail.

But what’s the point of trying to be a fantastic person if I shy away from making a commitment just because I may not achieve it.

So here goes. This week, I am going to try to:

  • exercise every day (except today as I have been flying all day & got in late)
  • choose food mindfully, eating food that is as close to its natural state as possible
  • eat mindfully, paying attention to my food as I eat it
  • drinking mindfully (yeah, I’m totally not making a commitment to drink less, but I can take care, particularly with this altitude)
  • not gossip, bitch or say nasty things
  • catch up with my old friends, and meet lots of new!

I’ll let you know how I go…



  1. donna Reply

    So I managed some of this.

    I hung out with my very favourite folks. I strengthened bonds with people I’ve known for a while. I met lovely, amazing new friends.

    I didn’t gossip or bitch.

    I didn’t exercise much, and didn’t necessarily eat mindfully. I drank mindfully though – really nice beer and lots of water to manage the altitude.

    I didn’t meet my all my goals and am completely fine with that.

  2. Nice list 🙂 I’ve been on a similar ‘try harder’ list myself. Only one I’d add there (and failing at thus far) is in bed by 11 (and actually sleep!)

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