I have all of this week off, so thought I’d go for a ride. Head-cold meant I couldn’t leave yesterday and change of plans by the kiddo I have to be back Thursday, but that still leaves me 3 full days to ride.

I had no plans except to go somewhere that I felt comfortable riding to. Given I’ve only been riding 4 months and have only had my BMW 3 weeks, I decided I’m probably not ready for the coast roads. I initially thought Jindabyne but friends reminded me that it’s probably still icy and full of skiers…

So I headed inland, vaguely planning to get to Junee.

Left around 10:30 after packing, fueling, putting air in tyres etc. I headed to Gundaroo via Sutton Rd, then Gunning, where I stopped to have an apple, having left the house without eating morning tea. In the whole day’s riding, the road between Gundaroo and gunning was the worst – not sure whether it was just the surface or me not quite relaxed yet.


From Gunning I went down the Hume to Yass where I stopped to clean bugs off my visor, then through to Harden. Actually I missed Harden, but stopped for lunch in Murrumburrah (& cleaned my visor).

Then west to Wallendbeen, where I cleaned my visor and pulled out my map. Changed plans and decided to head to Temora instead of Junee.
Deciding where to go next

I went west for a little while following a truck all the way, so stopped at Stockinbingal to clean my visor and wait for the truck to get away.

Then to Temora where I found a decent hotel where I can park my bike right outside my room, with an ex-services club across the street. Yay!

It was a great run. No mistakes, no scares and no sore butt. I’m getting the hang of letting my bike take the corners and relaxing into them (the first thing all experienced riders usually say to me is ‘relax your back!’). I even had a revelation in the middle of a roundabout – you know if you drop your shoulders instead of tensing up, you just flow around. Duh!

Tomorrow’s plan is to head north-east…

[Day 2]


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  1. Wonderful. I’d like to get a bike, but it’s not compatible with my lifestyle at the moment. The BMW looks beautiful.

    I wonder if bugs on the visor signals a product design opportunity, maybe the helmet somehow channels the flow of air across the visor, pushing bugs to the side…

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