This is a story that any sewer (or knitter, quilter, weaver etc) will completely understand.

I needed topstitching thread. I got this far on a denim jacket:

denim jacket with no sleeves
2 rolls of topstitching thread finished already

and ran out of topstitching thread.

So I went to my closest store, but ran out the door without the thread spool. Of course, I picked up the wrong thread.

I also picked up some stretch cotton for my kiddo (we have this exact thing in lycra and were saying how awesome it would be if we could find it in cotton for a dress)

Gorgeous cotton stretch stripe fabric
Gorgeous cotton stretch stripe

and some stretch for me (for a wrap dress, or this great dress from Muse Patterns)

Black fabric with print with blue, black & white ovals
I don’t usually wear polyester, but this print is excellent

and some soft lycra that will go nicely with a brown I bought last week (oh, and 2 light bulbs and some spare denim needles).

Grey-green cotton lycra
This looks better in person

I got home, realised the thread was wrong, and went to the next closest fabric store (about 20 minutes drive). The thread I wanted was the only colour they didn’t have, so I went to the next closest quilting store (in the same mall, so just a walk).

The thread I wanted was the only onecolour they didn’t have, but I found some organic cotton thread that will be nice for my next blouse project

White organic cotton thread
Organic cotton thread, who knew

and an amazing pair of scissors for my left-handed kiddo

Left-handed scissors with printed handles
Left-handed, print-handled dressmakers shears! OMG!!

a buttonhole chisel (which I’ve been looking for for a while)

A buttonhole chisel
Very handy when I’m about to cut buttonholes in denim

a scissor sharpener (I just fixed my favourite 2 pairs of old scissors that have had blunt spots for years – I haven’t been able to find a sharpening service here)

Scissor sharpener
Now I’ll have sharp scissors forever

and a white marking pencil that I’ve been looking for.

Then I went to the next closest sewing machine store, but they didn’t have the brand of thread I needed.

So I drove across town (normally 25 minutes, but I was writing this post in my head and missed the turn, so it was a bit longer)…

…where I finally found topstitching thread

brown topstitching thread

(and some really nice silk thread for another project I have planned)

Red silk thread
I’ve never seen silk thread anywhere else

(and the store owner remembered me even though I haven’t been there for about 15 years).

And that’s how a spool of thread cost me a couple of hundred dollars and took me all morning to buy.

But now we have a new jacket, which will be the subject of another post.

Denim jacket
Looks just like a real one

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