I had an idea I would post weekly about the new things I’d done that week. Well that only worked for 2 weeks then I forgot to do it, then I felt slightly bad for missing doing it, then I thought I’d put it off until the end of the next week.

Then I remembered that weeks are just a social construct and I can post any time I bloody well like 🙂

But I also thought it interesting to observe what I’ve learned, as that is as important as observing the new things.

So, in no particular order, here are some new things I’ve done and interesting things I’ve learned:

  • Today new: Cycled to my favourite client and back for the first time. 13 minutes – faster than driving and parking (and free)
  • Last week learned: more cool wordpress things to rebuild my new business website
  • Last week learned: “The specific always trumps the abstract” (via @david_more)
  • Last week new: Listened to a poet perform

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