I’m trying to do something new-to-me every day. Sometimes they are big, sometimes small. But they challenge me, help me grow and keep life interesting. Some days I don’t, and that’s OK too.

This week…


Practiced treating everyone as if they were already my friend.


Had the mad idea to set up this blog. Of course, I’ve had mad ideas before, I’ve set up blogs before, and I’ve written personal stuff before, but I think it was a pretty big step to put those three things together.


Cycled all the way up Northborne Ave to Barton. This involved two firsts – the ride all the way up Northborne and over Commonwealth Ave bridge (in the traffic – something that still scares me), and the longest ride (only 33 minutes, but it’s still longer than before).


Had coffee with a philosopher. Didn’t keep up.

Figured out how wardrobe doors are hung and uninstalled them.


Asked someone in the car park if she needed a hand (was checking her oil). That should not have been a first, but it was.


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