After re-discovering how much I like adventure riding, the next step was to get my bike and gear set up much better.

R and I had talked about how I could improve my skills and confidence. The initial plan was to put knobby tyres on the BMW and lighten my load. But then he made a very obvious suggestion – instead of setting up my big, heavy bike, I should start riding my small, light bike. After all, I do own a Yamaha WR250R, and I did buy it to improve my off-road skills. It’s a great bike – it’s Read on “Preparing for the next trip: Bike & gear”

The back story

There’s a bit of a back story to this ride, and it’s kind of important as context.

Last year I fell off my motorbike – I was riding fire trails with friends, went over an erosion mound, landed front tyre first in a puddle, lost the front end and went for a slide. I didn’t break anything, but because I landed heavily on my shoulder, stretched a bunch of stuff out, and couldn’t move my arm easily for a while. Worse than the damage to my arm was the damage to my confidence – I had been Read on “Victoria high country adventure ride”

I just spent most of the last 5 days on my butt, riding my motorbike, along some of south-east Australia’s very best riding roads.

It started with a friend saying ‘I’m riding to Tassie – anyone welcome’. I locked it away in my calendar, and am very glad I did, as I know that otherwise I would have just continued to work.

I had no plan except to follow him to Melbourne, visit my dad in Seymour, and come home over 2-3 days. Somehow.

I wasn’t sure where I’d stay, so I thought it would be handy to take the Read on “Two Snowies ride”

I have all of this week off, so thought I’d go for a ride. Head-cold meant I couldn’t leave yesterday and change of plans by the kiddo I have to be back Thursday, but that still leaves me 3 full days to ride.

I had no plans except to go somewhere that I felt comfortable riding to. Given I’ve only been riding 4 months and have only had my BMW 3 weeks, I decided I’m probably not ready for the coast roads. I initially thought Jindabyne but friends reminded me that it’s probably still icy and full of skiers…

So Read on “My random country NSW ride: Day 1”

I was eating dinner tonight and again reading ‘Personal development for smart people’ and thought…maybe I should see if I can have a healthy conference week (this week is IA Summit, which for me is usually a not particularly healthy week – late nights, alcohol, not mindful food, a bit of gossiping etc etc).

Then I thought…no way am I going to make a public commitment to doing that. I might change my mind, or I might fail.

But what’s the point of trying to be a fantastic person if I shy away from making a commitment just because I Read on “Can I manage a physically and mentally healthy conference week?”

I had an idea I would post weekly about the new things I’d done that week. Well that only worked for 2 weeks then I forgot to do it, then I felt slightly bad for missing doing it, then I thought I’d put it off until the end of the next week.

Then I remembered that weeks are just a social construct and I can post any time I bloody well like 🙂

But I also thought it interesting to observe what I’ve learned, as that is as important as observing the new things.

So, in no particular order, here Read on “Recent firsts and things I’ve learned”